G-Eazy: ‘From the Bay to the Universe’

G-Eazy? Yeah, he’s been on.
Photo Credit: Larecord.com

Photo Credit: Larecord.com

I remember back in 08/09 at a Xavier University talent show, G-Eazy rocked the stage in his Icecream sweatshirt and flipped up snapback; he was the cutest dude I had ever seen in a crowd full of black people! The girls loved G-Eazy. He was so laid-back and focused on his music. Seemed like such a cool dude. Well, now it’s 2015 and our boy has been hitting the road heavy all the way from the bay to well…uh pretty much the universe!
Since his college days, G-Eazy’s been on the up and up. He’s performed on the same stages as Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Asap Rocky and Drake. He’s made a name for himself as the black-white rapper and his unique style is very appealing to the young crowd. In August 2011, G-Eazy released the mixtape The Endless Summer via his official site and in the same year, Gerald Gillum went on a nationwide tour with rapper Shwayze. So, yeah, I think the world should be ready to hear some of what G-Eazy has to offer by now.
Photo Credit:  Hotnewhiphop.com

Photo Credit:

Early 2014 Gillum recorded a song titled, “Been On,” with MMG rapper Rockie Fresh and Tory Lanez. The video is clean and compliments his personal style and love of black and white visuals. It’s one of those videos you’d rather watch while high because it’s simple but also puts you in a chill zone. Since 2009, you can see how much he’s changed over time and keeps getting better and better.
Following the release of his album, Things Get Better last summer, G-Eazy sparked up the idea to have a tour. Since then, his fan base has grown tremendously big and so big that he just wrapped up another tour at the end of 2014 with rappers Iamsu!, E-40 and Jay Ant. The 31-city tour started and ended in California, making stops in major metropolitan markets such as Atlanta, Chicago, Houston and Las Vegas. While touring, he documented a web series for MTV called “From the Bay to the Universe,”which will explain the project’s creation. G-Eazy’s album These Things Happen has been posted to the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop and Top Rap Albums Charts at #1, while garnering the #3 position on both the Billboard 200 and Top Digital Albums.
Check out the From the Bay to the Universe video Episode 5 below.

See all From the Bay to the Universe episodes and videos from G- Eazy here.

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