Lil Wayne’s Manager Cortez Bryant tells fans the truth about Wayne’s Split From Cash Money

Although we may not have all the details about the big Lil Wayne and Cash Money separation but Cortez Bryant does give us a two-page Instagram post that kind of clears up how the rapper must really feel about the situation.


In the photos, he has provided statements that are more positive about the changes than it is negative. He feels as though its a sad thing for the both of them to ride the Cash Money wave for over ten years and at this point, get treated very badly. But, still has big plans for Wayne’s label, Young Money.

Baby aka Birdman should feel regretful about this happening. LilWayne is the strong suit in your deck of cards. Back when Turk,BG and Juvenile left you, all you had was your “son” who has the rawest talent and became the best rapper alive when he launched his career. Now, it’s a very sad thing when you treat a person that’s so close to you that way. It shows how greedy and self-determined others can be. I know this must be a hard time for Lil Wayne but through the pain I hope that he reigns as the king again when Carter V finally gets released.





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