Yeezy on the cover of Billboard Magazine


Its Yeezy Season and the winds are heavy! So,if you are one of those people that like to hold grudges on others it’s gonna be pretty hard to hold on to the Yeezy grudge. Hate to bring it back up,but after the Kanye x Taylor Swift altercation it seems as though “too real” Kanye’s lowered the bullshit and turned up the money making. In order to be the ultimate celebrity, you have to check your perception from time to time and it’s refreshing to see Kanye in such a positive light. He’s married now and has daughter Nori to look after so I’m more than sure that he puts extra thought into anything he does. Unlike Kim, who just recently posed naked for Love Magazine. 

Honestly, the spread looks like dirty, Italian fashion but there’s already enough talk about the photo shoot that saying anything bad about it would just be cliche’. Anyway, We’re excited for Mr. West right now! The photo above gives proof that Ye is indeed a successful businessman and whose works are inspiring and  legendary. Making it to the list of 100 powerful individuals is something to be proud of. Keep up the good work, man.


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