Video: Drake “Jungle”

What does it all mean? What is he trying to say? Especially at the end when things get creepy as he stands around in a red swarm of dust which flies back into the haunted house and awakens the people that were once still. Then, the guys at the store that were dressed in camouflage jackets who at one point had life were paused and became as still as statues. What is the hidden meaning here? There’s more abstract imagery that we should just all dig into and figure it out ourselves.

Its a cool short film because you get to go inside Drake’s young child life and watch him rap and sing with his dad. Also, back in 2008 when he and a couple friends couldn’t get it in the club with no ID. In the video, you hear mostly natural, earthy sounds. Like the car engine as it starts, the mountain air whistling, the laughs Drake shares with his friends. It’s a pure depiction of what the rapper must be feeling at this point in his life. Maybe he never thought he’d be the one to make it out of Toronto and hit big! This could be him recognizing his worth Or his personal calling.

Maybe he feels a heavy weight on his chest to save himself from himself so that he’ll continue building for his family, his label mates and his city.


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