Lil Wayne to Release the Free Weezy Album in March

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Lil Wayne’s oldest child, Reginae Carter celebrated her Super Sweet Sixteen Party with MTV and in an interview with Wendy Williams, she told the world that both her daddy and godfather, Birdman were in attendance but they didn’t speak to each other. She also told The Breakfast Club that they sat on opposite sides of the room while they watched the little princess enjoy her night.

Now, we’ve all be hearing about the family feud between Wayne and Baby and it’s still nice to hear that they can be in the same room without causing chaos. So, what’s happening between them isn’t as personal as we think. Wayne seems to be humble about the situation and is just waiting for his backpay from Cash Money Records and the releasing of Tha Carter V.

Wayne does say that Tha Carter V is “super-done…Cake baked, icing on top, name on top, candles lit” and that he “would have released it yesterday” if he could.

“But it’s a dead subject right now,” he explained. “It’s a jewel in the safe. It’s that stash-house money.”

We think that by now Wayne is just ready to make money from the album and satisfy anxious fans. He says that he’s “numb” to Baby’s actions and will release a pre-Carter album to give fans something to look forward to when the official album drops. Still no date on when this will happen.

If you want to see how his daughter Reginae’s been dealing with the family seperation, watch her Breakfast Club interview below:


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