So Dope: Nike Studios – Beijing

A Shanghai-based design agency called designed the Nike Studio in Beijing, China in celebration of the 2015 World Athletic Championships. The art gallery is comprised of high-energy workout labs, a multi-functional lounge and product displays in different zones for athletes to exercise while feeling more motivated and energized.

According to designboom, “the space’s overall atmosphere remains an uplifting and engaging experience, with clearly defined displays presenting different product ranges illuminated by bright LEDs.” The various zones are created to motivate and inspire athletes to “just do it” with pitch-black workout areas and free-floating motivational phrases that were strategically designed to catch your eye as you walk into the zones.

The 1200sqm gallery/studio also allows athletes to participate in training sessions and an ‘athlete lounge’ where people can relax and re-energize. Nike’s new Holiday 2015 collection is also presented in reflective display cases with themes of transparency and infinity. Nike’s goal for the lab is to create a special experience for people that want to focus their attention to detail and discover a faster, fitter self.


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