Did you see Karreuche’s New Man?

Manchester United Forward Memphis Depay is now dating Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karreuche Tran. They’ve been spotted in Miami’s Club Liv and in Manchester at Selfridges doing a little shopping. I must say, the couple looks goooood together!

He’s 5’9, Dutch and he’s only 21! Depay has some cash in the bank also and he’s no stranger to expensive shopping and dining. His $25 million dollar move from PSV Eindhoven could possibly be the reason he can afford to rock $10,000 outfits on a normal day. From Christian Louboutin sneakers to Swiss watches and a $4,000 pimped-out iPhone, Mr. footballer knows how to keep himself up…physically. I think all the ladies can agree to this.

Hopefully this new flame (remember that song?) can last for more days than the average celebrity/socialite relationships. He’s definitely a good look for her and it makes sense that she goes for the handsome, successful types. Like Chris, Memphis has tattoos all over, nice skin complexion and style. Girl, I think we’ve figured you out; let me find out my light-skinned cousin with the tattoos can get you.

Courtesy: DailyMail.uk

Courtesy: DailyMail.uk


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