OVO Roy woods finally made the video for “Gwan Big Up Urself”


This song was in heavy rotation on my Soundcloud playlist. Roy Woods‘ music is very sexy and passionate. He comes off as being very…well…upfront and in your face with the ladies. He’s young but you never know how he gets the girls. Okay! (Wiz Khalifa voice) Enjoy this tropical/caribbean vid from OVO‘s newest contender, Roy Woods.

Partynextdoor Releases New Album via iTunes


OVO’s Partynextdoor releases his latest project P3 tonight. P3 is his second studio album with 16 tracks that are very similar to his Two project. People everywhere are already buzzing about it so make sure you grab your copy at iTunes to join in the Twitter action!

Pharell To Regain Creative Control Over BBC/IceCream


Im so Happppyyyy that Pharell snatched his brand back! One of the flyest, coolest guys in the entertainment industry is the creative genius behind the hottest streetwear brand since 2005 and he’s coming back to grab more shares with the intention to further growth and expand to new markets. Pharell will own 50% of the sustained line, BBC/IceCream, to keep the company from heading down a deeper hole of debt. Iconix Group, Inc. reportedly had $300M in debt that they apparently can’t handle but Pharell hopes to turn things around for the company/brand by generating new, innovative ideas for overall growth potential. Can’t wait to see this!