Finally, the visuals for JoeyBada$$ “500 Benz”


Joey Bada$$ – B4.DA.$$ Is Bringing Back The Real Meaning of Hip-Hop

Before the money, JoeyBada$$ was just your average inner-city kid growing up in the shadows in one of Brooklyn’s most underprivileged neighborhoods. Joey Bada$$ a.k.a. Badmon hails from the same areas where new artists, Bobby Shmurda grew up. Joey told Rosenberg that all of the things that Bobby raps about in his songs are true; he’s watched kids in his same neighborhood get forced into streetlife. He explains to the world that he had a good upbringing as a child and can relate to the social issues surrounding him and kids of the new generation.

Joey’s the co-founder of Pro Era, the hip-hop group made up of like 12 or 15 extremely talented young rappers. They’re so good that many alread established names in the game couldn’t compete at all. There’s a huge influence of 90s hip-hop and just real hardcore rap. Joey’s fans have grown and spread across a wider ranged age group. I’ve seen kids as young as 17 listen to the group on to grown men over 40. He’s so young but he spits fire. Highly intelligent as well.



In the video below, Rosenberg interviews Joey and they talk about what traditional rap is to Badmon and the effect it has on listeners. Rosenberg labels him as the first fully grown child of hip hop. Joey made 20 years old yesterday and says that he learned a lot from his mom, who was an avid listener of rap. He explains how his mom played Biggie Smalls around the house so its only right that he raps, pretty much. They also threw in the Malia Obama shirt controversy and Joey explains to the world that he wasn’t aware of what had just happened but nonetheless, another mark in hip-hop history was made.

This kid has positive messages and such a smooth way with words. Lyrically the best I’ve heard in a while and mentally creative enough to paint pictures through his raps. Keep an eye on him, he’s going far. See interview below.


$wankin: Joey Bada$$ performs “Like Me” on Jimmy Kimmel

Click the link above to see Joey Bada$$’s epic Jimmy Kimmel Performance. Between Joey and J. Cole, I don’t know whose performance gets the number 1 spot. Isn’t it amazing to see how powerful rappers and hip hop music can be? Jimmy Kimmel truly appreciates the hip-hop culture and the cultural aesthetic of rap. If rap music could be widely accepted, there would be more artists winning Grammy’s, just saying.

How do you feel about the performance? Please leave comments below.

Malia Obama’s down with Pro Era

Photo Credit: Stereogum

Photo Credit: Stereogum

16-year-old Malia Obama is shown here rocking, Brooklyn rap group Pro Era’s t-shirt on a photo that leaked this past Wednesday. It was originally posted Tuesday on Pro Era’s instagram page as a way to promote group’s brand. Now, Joey Bada$$ is known as a very deep, intellectual rapper where you’ll find in his lyrics his concern about the universe and the battle between good and evil.Like rapper, Ab-Soul, these guys believe thatas humans, we must all get in touch with our ‘third eye’. They believe that there is some mystical wonderland where there is a kingdom and a home for eternal life.

Like most famous kids, they seem to grow up really fast. So, it’s really no surprise to me that the girl’s made her way to the hip-hop society through social media. No matter who you are and whether or not you care about hip hop culture or music, its inevitable. Hip-hop is for the people by the people. When you’re talking equality and human rights, the conversations all sound the same right? It’s either “we feel your pain” or “we know why you feel pain.” This translates to hip-hop music very easily being that people who grew up in the lifestyle of that particular culture can relate and those suburban kids can see why they might have more thanthe rest. Same thing exactly.

People are flipping out about the photo but it’s dope and that’s pretty much the thing to be if you’re young and cool.