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Treasure Box: ADYN

ADYN a.k.a. ANDROGYNOUS can be be defined as a UK clothing line based upon the concepts that their clothing is neither masculine nor feminine with the intent to provide unisex pieces where comfort and simplicity can effortlessly remove gender discrepancies. Taking advantage of the military and workwear lifestyle, ADYN draws inspiration from natural environments and the people working in them. The “Deploy” Capsule Collection features monochromatic palettes that are complimentary of each other like the shades of beige, tan, white, cream and black. The minimalistic style and fresh colors bring a style to life that a a few years ago, one wouldn’t imagine wearing. This upscale street wear brand can be described as a carbon-copy version of Kanye West’s style and it seems to have taken a utilitarianism approach to promote a new trend where everyone can fit in.