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Pharell To Regain Creative Control Over BBC/IceCream


Im so Happppyyyy that Pharell snatched his brand back! One of the flyest, coolest guys in the entertainment industry is the creative genius behind the hottest streetwear brand since 2005 and he’s coming back to grab more shares with the intention to further growth and expand to new markets. Pharell will own 50% of the sustained line, BBC/IceCream, to keep the company from heading down a deeper hole of debt. Iconix Group, Inc. reportedly had $300M in debt that they apparently can’t handle but Pharell hopes to turn things around for the company/brand by generating new, innovative ideas for overall growth potential. Can’t wait to see this!

Would you spend $100 on a doughnut?


Photo source: Hypebeast

At the Manila Social Club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn you will find that the taste of luxury extends far beyond caviar and rich wine. For fancy people, what better way to blow money than to eat something dipped in gold? We all can commit that doughnuts are one of the many comfort foods that we run to in times when calories don’t matter and we want to indulge in all the “bad” treats the doctors warn us about. Rich people will find new ways to spend money all the time so why not drop a buck on a delicious, gold-coated doughnut?

People who would rather pay $100 towards the rent would laugh at the thought of spending so much money on this thing. I mean, it sounds crazy but for true members of the high life social clubs, this one doughnut is nothing.

The Golden Cristal Ube doughnut is filled with Ube mousse and champagne jelly. For head chef, Bjorn Delacruz, this is turning a Filipino family restaurant into a reflection of their already lavish lifestyle and home. Aside from the eccentric Filipino family dishes, this 24-karat gold treat has gained much attention and popularity on the NYC scene so much that locals will order a dozen at a time for a whooping $1,200!

According to, Delacruz says that the inspiration behind this one-of-a-kind doughnut was to really add something new to the menu and celebrate  the longevity and success of the business. After pairing the doughnut and Ube (purple yams) he figured a taste of Cristal would send glory to your tastebuds so after trying this out, he had discovered the best tasting gold doughnut anyone has ever had.

Would you buy it?

Luka Sabbat Spread for SSENSE

Just know that when you see this face, its something to remember. The 18-year old fashion model, dope trendsetter and style consultant Luka Sabbat makes major waves in the sea of dreamers who live and breath the fashion industry. When you hear the name, you think of all the big name brands’ fashion spreads and clothing collections he’s worked with. Luka’s become more prominent since he modeled alongside best friend, Ian Connor at the Yeezy Season 1 presentation for Kanye West.

Walking with an air of confidence and a style that exudes street wear luxury, Luka is no stranger to foreign grandeur and its not like he’s never slept with any supermodels, either.(wink, wink) The fresh-faced, big-haired cutie is starting his career off pretty strong with a lengthy resume’ of work and a reputation as the “King of SoHo.” No wonder why he’s called that; he’s owned a designer piece from every store in SoHo!

Learn more about Luka Sabbat here.

Click here to view the spread for SSENSE.

KAWS “Clean Slate”

New York artist, KAWS will be introducing the Clean Slate sculpture in Shanghai, China being displayed at Piazza of Shanghai Times Square from May 15 to May 31. The sculpture is one the Brooklyn artist’s largest works standing at 7 meters tall and was recently presented in Hong Kong. The collection includes the very famous “COMPANION” character and an exclusive merchandise collaboration launch with department store Lane Crawford and All Rights Reserved that will include canvas bags, white and gray t-shirts, and only 1,000 iconic KAWS mini plush dolls.

KAWS Sculpture in Harbour City, Hong Kong  Photo Credit: Supertouchart

KAWS Sculpture in Harbour City, Hong Kong
Photo Credit: Supertouchart


Photo Credit: Supertouchart

The famed artist’s works have been displayed in art galleries and locations internationally. KAWS is most famous for designing toys and clothing that goes beyond his days as a New York City graffiti artist; taking his unique and youthful approach on modern day art to a more exclusive global market. KAWS studied Fine Arts and has worked at Disney as a freelance animator in the past.

KAWS became extremely popular in the late 90s and 2000s in the art toy collecting communities. In later years, he designed clothing with name brands like Comme des Garcons, A Bathing Ape and Original Fake.

In 2013, KAWS’ company redesigned MTV’s moon man statue for their 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. He’s also highly commended for his work on acrylic paintings and large sculptures. One of the more popular KAWS sculpture is a figure based on the Mickey Mouse whose face is obscured by both his hands.

KAWS museum exhibitions include solo shows at the High Museum of Art, Modern Art Museum, and more with displays in international galleries Galerie Perrotin and Honor Fraser Gallery. His work has been seen in international major cities.

This year’s biennial open-air sculpture event, ArtZuid 4th edition is set to unveil the 2015 International Sculpture Exhibition in Amsterdam featuring 73 monumental sculptures for the public to see, as well as 18 podia that will be hosting a number of participating artists, with appearances by Ai Weiwei, KAWS, Frank Stella and more. Be sure to catch the 2015 ArtZuid International Sculpture Exhibition in Berlage’s Art Deco district of Amsterdam South from May 22- September 22.