New N.E.R.D. Ft. Rihanna “Lemon”

One word…electrifying!


Pharell To Regain Creative Control Over BBC/IceCream


Im so Happppyyyy that Pharell snatched his brand back! One of the flyest, coolest guys in the entertainment industry is the creative genius behind the hottest streetwear brand since 2005 and he’s coming back to grab more shares with the intention to further growth and expand to new markets. Pharell will own 50% of the sustained line, BBC/IceCream, to keep the company from heading down a deeper hole of debt. Iconix Group, Inc. reportedly had $300M in debt that they apparently can’t handle but Pharell hopes to turn things around for the company/brand by generating new, innovative ideas for overall growth potential. Can’t wait to see this!

$WANK: Bia “Jug Dance”

Chola goddess, Bia aka Perico Princess releases her video, “Jug Dance.” Fly and fresh she is. May not be another Nicki Minaj but she’s 1000 times better than Iggy. The Boston native has officially signed to Pharell’s label and that means she’s about to go extremely far in her career. I feel like If Pharell sees talent, the talent is real. One thing I can say about Bia is that’s she’s got heat and many punchlines to sting any rapper coming her way. She’s dope and young and that’s exactly what we need to see for 2015; some young freshman doing it big!