The Lounge

Awful Records music artists, Father and Key! releases a video for “Look at Wrist,” featuring IloveMakonnen. The song has a lot of catchy phrases and a beat that make you want to dance. Father’s dance moves for the hook…”wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist, wrist…” are quite entertaining. The ATL based rappers make the slum life ultra cool on their depiction of whipping wrists in their umpteenth video together. IloveMakonnen with all his recent success, just adds a little flavor to their already crazed out personalities.

Rapper/Singer, Kyle, creates a music video that exudes sure confidence and a free spirited view of the world or from “Hollywood.” Kyle aka K.i.D. which stands for “Kyle is determined,” dances around the edges of massive rock formations singing his little heart out about the infamous city and the way he feels about it. Kyle is pretty talented and brings something a little newer to the table than most R&B artists these days. He’s well in tune with the younger generation and is trendy in his creative vision for his projects. Keep it up Kyle, I want to hear more from you in 2015!

Father! performs “Young Hot Ebony” live at Cosmic Zoo studios after an interview on the Kinda Neat podcast. Dressed like he’s ready for some kind of camping excursion, the tacky rapper grooves and sings to this looney-tooney beat as he smiles into the camera after each jig. Ummmm… I understand the direction the kid’s taking and what kind of messages he’s sending out there to the young, dope community. Most people will hate the video and hate the song. But nobody said nothing when Andre 3000 made “Hey ya!”





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